Made in Italy – in Rome, in fact

Each garment is created using haute couture techniques.

Choose from the ready-to-buy items in the collection, or request them in different colours and fabrics than those offered in the online shop, or even have them tailored for you.

Wearing my clothes should be a pleasure for your senses

The fabrics selected by Mia Carmen are light, soft and elastic, and even the linings are made of silk or comfortable fabrics. They are designed to improve the lives of women like you: “For my clothes I prefer to choose fabrics that can be washed in water and do not crease, which are suitable for both winter and summer”.

Mia Carmen’s bespoke garments fit like a glove and are personalised. Choose everything according to your tastes: fabrics, colours, cuts, buttons and embroidery. You will see your desires take shape.

Everything is rigorously handcrafted and actually made in Italy – in fact, “Made in Rome”